• This blog has come out of some sort of need I feel I have to start myself a new hobby.  I have for quite a while felt a bit bored with life and I want something to give my free time some purpose.

    Along with many many people I know, lately I have become quite obsessed with pinterest.com. Through this site I have gotten so many great ideas. What an amazing way to share ideas. It might have been through pinterest that I saw some pretty inspiring and modern quilts. After finding quite a few that I really love I started delve a bit more into the world of quilting. As I continue to dip my feet in this world, I have found some amazing bloggers, amazing works of art and amazing women behind them. The more I immerse myself in this world, the further I want to go. 

    I decided to somewhat follow suit and start a blog regarding what this complete amateur is doing in this world of quilting. I would just like a place to start gathering ideas, sources and eventually my own works. This is going to be my home base from which I may flourish or I might fizzle out. I don't know but this will be the place I discover if this is a passion. 

    Thanks all that inspire noobs like me to get involved and try new things. I appreciate any feedback or tips from all. 

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