• More cloud 9 amazingness, a photo by Lindzoo on Flickr.
    No idea what I will use this for but it will be amazing!
  • Made some little bags and pouches with the help of a couple great tutorials.

    The first is the gathered clutch tutorial I found over at Noodlehead's blog. The tutorial is here. It is super cute and quick. I made these two in about 2 hours. Which for me is excellent because I'm new to this whole sewing thing. These are the ones I made:

    Love the look of these! I'm giving both of these to friends and I'm going to make one for myself :)

    I also made a box pouch using the tutorial by Miss Kaelin over at her blog. The tutorial is found here.
    She has great pictures and made it really easy to follow. Here is my first attempt:
    Box pouch

    Box pouch again

    Super cute!

    Then... I made a larger bag for some sewing stuff. No tutorial for this one, but loosely based off of Noodlehead's tutorial but no gathered'ness. It is here:
    A bag for my sewing tools

    I LOVE this fabric so much and it looks wonderful with the orange :)

    Last but certainly not least, I have been working on manhandling my quilt through my tiny sewing machine for quilting. Here are some progress shots, almost done!
    Quilting in progress

    Quilting in progress

    Only place in my apartment big enough to make myself a quilt sandwich, and yes I did have to move the dining room table <_<
    Quilt Sandwich

    mmm Juicy Blossoms

  • My walking foot has arrived. Time to practice with it before I attempt on my quilt!

    Practicing with the new walking foot
  • I haven't posted in awhile and the reason is I'm waiting for my walking foot purchase to finish my quilt! I have made no progress since my quilt top finished.
    I'm getting antsy and so I may start a new project. ESPECIALLY since I now have a bit of a fabric stash built up. I am just got a bunch of Ruby in the mail so I am making some plans for that.

    Stash is growing :)

    Ruby has arrived

  • and here it is :)

    I am so proud of it!
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