• Finished quilting on my Christmas quilt
    So I made some progress on my Christmas quilt finally. Finished the simple quilting and now I just have to finish up the binding. It's weird that this is only my 2nd quilt that will be finished. It's not however the second quilt I started... That one is on the back burner for a bit. I'm excited to have this quilt to cuddle with in the next couple days :)
    Next... I tried to start my Oh My Stars! QAL. But here's the thing, I walked in the room, started cutting the bigger squares for the first set when I realized I had cut it just a tad too small. It's supposed to be 7 and 1/2... whoops. Therefore I am done for the night. More to come tomorrow, hopefully!
    Cutting failure :(
  • I finally took some time to pull fabrics for the 2 QAL's I signed up for. The first one is Oh My Stars! which can be found over yonder
    The fabrics I chose for that are here:
    Oh My Stars! QAL

    I love muted yellows! I paired those with some browns and grays. Love the way this stack looks

    Next... I signed up uber late for the chasing chevrons QAL. That one is found right over here
    I pulled this cloud 9 stack for that

    Chasing Chevrons QAL

    I love how soft this fabric is and I think it looks lovely with kona black. I am so excited to be a part of these two quilt alongs, as they are my first! eeps!

    I think that is it for now.

    Still no progress on my christmas quilt except that I did piece together my backing. I STILL need to put it all together and baste it, but we all know how I feel about that part....

  • I have made virtually no progress on any of my projects. I think my problem is that I barely have space to make a quilt sandwich and get it done!
    That is my least favorite part of quilting- layering the quilt and basting. So hard in a limited amount of space!

    On another note... after my last post about joining the oh my stars! QAL, I saw the chasing chevrons one as well that I may join in mucho late.

    :) must... stay.. motivated
  • I have decided to join my first quilt along!


    Details there, if anyone is interested!

    Time to contemplate fabrics....
  • I have been so busy lately with work and life shenanigans that I have been neglecting this here bla(h)g.
    Stupid excuses but that's the truth so I'm gonna go with it.

    I HAVE been working on some things though so I figured I should share them :)

    This stack of Hope Valley was cut and sewn together with some kona bone for the beginnings of twin quilts for my nieces for christmas

    Finished one of the quilt tops here:

    Speaking of Christmas I also decided to do a (very) simple Christmas quilt. I wanted to be sure that I would finished it in time to actually use it and enjoy it during the season. Also, this fabric was all HALF OFF at Joann's. Could not resist. Resistance is futile....
    Fabric for christmas quilt

    Keeping it simple with a red and white theme. I love the crispness of the red with the bright white. So clean and lovely. The bottom fabric will be the back of the quilt. I LOVEEE the style of it. Remind me of Scandinavian style.
    christmas quilt backing
    Pic of just the backing fabric:


    And here is most of the quilt pieced together. Again, I went super simple with just square patchwork. I look the way it looks though :)
    super simple christmas quilt


    That is all! Hope you are all well


  • More cloud 9 amazingness, a photo by Lindzoo on Flickr.
    No idea what I will use this for but it will be amazing!
  • Made some little bags and pouches with the help of a couple great tutorials.

    The first is the gathered clutch tutorial I found over at Noodlehead's blog. The tutorial is here. It is super cute and quick. I made these two in about 2 hours. Which for me is excellent because I'm new to this whole sewing thing. These are the ones I made:

    Love the look of these! I'm giving both of these to friends and I'm going to make one for myself :)

    I also made a box pouch using the tutorial by Miss Kaelin over at her blog. The tutorial is found here.
    She has great pictures and made it really easy to follow. Here is my first attempt:
    Box pouch

    Box pouch again

    Super cute!

    Then... I made a larger bag for some sewing stuff. No tutorial for this one, but loosely based off of Noodlehead's tutorial but no gathered'ness. It is here:
    A bag for my sewing tools

    I LOVE this fabric so much and it looks wonderful with the orange :)

    Last but certainly not least, I have been working on manhandling my quilt through my tiny sewing machine for quilting. Here are some progress shots, almost done!
    Quilting in progress

    Quilting in progress

    Only place in my apartment big enough to make myself a quilt sandwich, and yes I did have to move the dining room table <_<
    Quilt Sandwich

    mmm Juicy Blossoms

  • My walking foot has arrived. Time to practice with it before I attempt on my quilt!

    Practicing with the new walking foot
  • I haven't posted in awhile and the reason is I'm waiting for my walking foot purchase to finish my quilt! I have made no progress since my quilt top finished.
    I'm getting antsy and so I may start a new project. ESPECIALLY since I now have a bit of a fabric stash built up. I am just got a bunch of Ruby in the mail so I am making some plans for that.

    Stash is growing :)

    Ruby has arrived

  • and here it is :)

    I am so proud of it!
  • More progress on my quilt. I'm start to sew my squares into their triangles for my zig zag quilt. They are turning out quite nice, if I do say so myself.
    The orange looks like dark red here for some reason. Bad lighting... whoops. But anyway, thats the jist of my project :)

    I've been a bit busy and a bit scared of some parts of this project, but I'm cruising along now. I love it!
  • And by progress I mean, I finally know what I'm doing and I cut out my fabric. Here it is :
  • I've been gathering supplies to start my new hobby. Once I get that things I need and start a stock pile of fabric over here I shall be posting some stuff I have been working on. In the mean time I'm going to post some things I've designed or projects from school. It's been a little while since I posted and I haven't given a whole lot of information about myself.

    I went to school for architecture. I graduated last year and since then I have been working at the Apple Store. Jobs around here for architecture are sparse so I'm surviving by working retail. I enjoy it though, I get to socialize and learn about technology.

    So this is where I come from. This is what I'm used to designing. I know I'm making a big change but design is design and I'm excited to delve into this!

  • This blog has come out of some sort of need I feel I have to start myself a new hobby.  I have for quite a while felt a bit bored with life and I want something to give my free time some purpose.

    Along with many many people I know, lately I have become quite obsessed with pinterest.com. Through this site I have gotten so many great ideas. What an amazing way to share ideas. It might have been through pinterest that I saw some pretty inspiring and modern quilts. After finding quite a few that I really love I started delve a bit more into the world of quilting. As I continue to dip my feet in this world, I have found some amazing bloggers, amazing works of art and amazing women behind them. The more I immerse myself in this world, the further I want to go. 

    I decided to somewhat follow suit and start a blog regarding what this complete amateur is doing in this world of quilting. I would just like a place to start gathering ideas, sources and eventually my own works. This is going to be my home base from which I may flourish or I might fizzle out. I don't know but this will be the place I discover if this is a passion. 

    Thanks all that inspire noobs like me to get involved and try new things. I appreciate any feedback or tips from all. 

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