• Some progress and some annoyance

    Finished quilting on my Christmas quilt
    So I made some progress on my Christmas quilt finally. Finished the simple quilting and now I just have to finish up the binding. It's weird that this is only my 2nd quilt that will be finished. It's not however the second quilt I started... That one is on the back burner for a bit. I'm excited to have this quilt to cuddle with in the next couple days :)
    Next... I tried to start my Oh My Stars! QAL. But here's the thing, I walked in the room, started cutting the bigger squares for the first set when I realized I had cut it just a tad too small. It's supposed to be 7 and 1/2... whoops. Therefore I am done for the night. More to come tomorrow, hopefully!
    Cutting failure :(

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    1. just found your blog on the "oh my stars-qal", love this amazing red fabrics! hope to see a lot beautiful stars from you!

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