• Quilting is almost finished on this bad boy. I'm getting really excited to finish this!

    This is my first experience with free motion quilting. I decided to a random geometric pattern through all the white negative space. I love the way it is turning out so far!


    I am definitely not fully in control with the free motion quilting yet. If you look close you can see some stitching is longer/shorter from me not being able to give it consistent motion. I will get better with practice! .... I think.

    AHH imperfections!

    The effect is still great though over. I can't wait to finish this! Next time I post I will finally have a finished project! WOOOO

    Thanks all for stopping by!

  • Another view of the completed top
    Yay! It has borders! I dont know why this was the most annoying part for me, but I really had to MAKE myself get the border on this thing.
    Quilt top is done! Too big for our tiny apartment Ready for a back and basting!

    I have no idea what I'm going to do for the backing. I completely ran out of Kona white and was hoping to not have to buy more fabric. I'm really hoping I have enough of the other fabrics to piece together a back!

    Tis all for today!

    Thanks all for stopping by :)

  •  Working away on this quilt for my Mommy in-law. I have all the blocks together with sashing now. This did not happen without a massive amount of frustration. 2 of the rows had to be completely ripped apart after realizing the sashing did not line up AT ALL.

    It still needs borders, but I decided maybe I needed a small break from sewing yesterday. Just needs borders!

    I don't have a lot of room in my teensy apartment for laying things out, so I apologize for the shadows and terrible cropping.

    I wanted to talk about a little bit about some resolutions for this year that I have for this year. Nothing really intense, but I always like to try to be bettering (is that a word?) myself

    Pretty much.


    • Finish all unfinished projects
    • Finish at least 1 quilt per month through 2013
    • Start/establish an Etsy store
    Not a ton, but enough to keep me busy. My real goal is to be able to buy a new sewing machine using money only from selling sewing projects.

    Thanks all!
  • So this is a project that I thought up mmm last May. I decided I was going to make a quilt for my mother-in-law. They had just bought a new house and she was clearly going to need a fresh new quilt for her living room!

    Well here we are 8 months later and I finally sat down and made some real progress on this. I knew that I wanted to do a similar layout to what Camille did in this blog post with Summersville. I love the clean lines because I wanted to use bold fabrics to give some nice color for my in-laws new living room.  I decided that the color scheme of Maya by Anthology Fabrics was perfect, as my MIL loves red and yellow.

    I added some coordinating reds, yellows and teals fill in the gaps and give it more depth.


    The blocks are about 10" x 10" after using 2.5" strips of fabric.


    I kinda thought I'd cut enough fabric to make a big enough quilt, but I ended up with only enough for 14 blocks. I tried to lay it out with 12 and do some cool border with remaining strips, but I think I will have to bite the bullet and press on with more block making.


    Since this is a long overdue project, I'm hoping to get the top done ASAP, so be on the look out for more updates to come!

  • I know... it's been ages.

    So to begin, a quilt I finished and posted on flickr and twitter but never blogged about. I used Innocent Crush by AMH. Here are les photos, beginning to end:

    love this line. need to cut it up
    It began as this

    Window shot
    Top is pieced!

    Must take a test photo on the pallet bed :)
    Test bed shot
    Not so straight line quilting :)
    After quilting

    It's done!
    All done!

    The back
    Ze back!

    I love this quilt. It's perfect for snuggling on the couch :)

    Next up...
    Chevron QAL

    All the chevrons!

    WHICH is still not done. This photo was taken, mmmm about a year ago. Maybe I need to start finishing this up eh? This is a terrible photo, but it's the only one I have.

    I made this cute little quilt for my adorable new niece. Miss Elysia Joyce

    Baby quilt top done :)

    That's all for now!

    I will be posting more now. I finally am settled in our new apartment and have things to finish!

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