• January 2013

     Working away on this quilt for my Mommy in-law. I have all the blocks together with sashing now. This did not happen without a massive amount of frustration. 2 of the rows had to be completely ripped apart after realizing the sashing did not line up AT ALL.

    It still needs borders, but I decided maybe I needed a small break from sewing yesterday. Just needs borders!

    I don't have a lot of room in my teensy apartment for laying things out, so I apologize for the shadows and terrible cropping.

    I wanted to talk about a little bit about some resolutions for this year that I have for this year. Nothing really intense, but I always like to try to be bettering (is that a word?) myself

    Pretty much.


    • Finish all unfinished projects
    • Finish at least 1 quilt per month through 2013
    • Start/establish an Etsy store
    Not a ton, but enough to keep me busy. My real goal is to be able to buy a new sewing machine using money only from selling sewing projects.

    Thanks all!

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    1. I like your "be awesome" goal. Rock on :)

    2. Love your use of primary colors and the geometry of it all! Really well thought out! Your M I L is going to love this... full of hugs and personality!

    3. Thanks!

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