I have been so busy lately with work and life shenanigans that I have been neglecting this here bla(h)g.
    Stupid excuses but that's the truth so I'm gonna go with it.

    I HAVE been working on some things though so I figured I should share them :)

    This stack of Hope Valley was cut and sewn together with some kona bone for the beginnings of twin quilts for my nieces for christmas

    Finished one of the quilt tops here:

    Speaking of Christmas I also decided to do a (very) simple Christmas quilt. I wanted to be sure that I would finished it in time to actually use it and enjoy it during the season. Also, this fabric was all HALF OFF at Joann's. Could not resist. Resistance is futile....
    Fabric for christmas quilt

    Keeping it simple with a red and white theme. I love the crispness of the red with the bright white. So clean and lovely. The bottom fabric will be the back of the quilt. I LOVEEE the style of it. Remind me of Scandinavian style.
    christmas quilt backing
    Pic of just the backing fabric:


    And here is most of the quilt pieced together. Again, I went super simple with just square patchwork. I look the way it looks though :)
    super simple christmas quilt


    That is all! Hope you are all well


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    1. How come I never find amazing fabric like that when at Joanns? I love this quilt! Gorgeous!

    2. I got lucky I guess! Usually shopping for fabric at Joann's is not so productive...

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